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Increasing The Life Of Your Roof 


No one likes to put out hard-earned cash on a new roof but sometimes harsh weather conditions, poor installation or improper materials can force your hand. At Colorado Thermal Coatings, Inc., we believe a roof can withstand a lot more – when it is properly treated.

That’s only one way the professionals at Colorado Thermal Coatings, Inc. can save you money!

The certified roofing consultants at Colorado Thermal Coatings, Inc. will come to your home and provide a free roof inspection. It costs you nothing to learn about the condition of your roof.

Find out about new and innovative products that can help you save on energy costs by making your roof more resistant to heat and cold!  

Saving Money Is Easy!

We will walk you through the process:
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • Installation
  • Material recommendations to suit your roofing needs

If you have never had your roof inspected since you had it installed, now is the time to start!

For high quality workmanship at a reasonable price, call us today!

                              In Business Since 1982
                   Our Products are Energy star rated
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